Reflection on the so-called Blood Moons

Sadly, it was too overcast to see the “Blood Moon” (the media’s term) over Humboldt on the day of the Bridegroom Matins, coincidentally or providentially. These unusual astronomical events are a good occasion to discuss the symbolic language of the Scriptures and of the first two days of Holy Week. Biblically, the moon represents the […]

Healing Services in Eureka, CA

The Church is a place of healing of the soul and body, with a commission by the Risen Lord Jesus Christ to proclaim the Gospel and a hard-to-believe (but true) promise that: Amen, Amen: anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing, and will do even greater things than these, […]

A Bible Study in Eureka?

St Innocent’s Bible study group (in Eureka) is led by our parish rector, Fr Laurent Cleenewerck, and takes place every Tuesday at 6:30 PM, right at the end of the service of evening prayers called Vespers. For small group Bible studies or at-home Bible studies, the best is to call our parish office and to […]