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Welcome to Saint Innocent's

Welcome to Saint Innocent Orthodox Church in Eureka (Humboldt County), California. This is where you will find the teachings of Jesus Christ proclaimed and the full assurance of the Church manifested “for the life of the world and its salvation.”

Saint Innocent’s is the only Orthodox Church serving Humboldt County, and we are part of the Diocese of the West of the Orthodox Church in America, in communion with the entire worldwide Orthodox Christian Communion. Our parish is named after Saint Innocent of Alaska, the great missionary and first bishop of the American Pacific-Northwest, who sailed just outside Eureka in the 1830s.

Surprisingly, many people still do not know the Orthodox Church well, even though it is the world’s oldest, second largest Christian body. There are those who think that “Greek Orthodox” is somehow different than “Serbian Orthodox” or “Russian Orthodox” and that one has to be from a particular country or national group to be Orthodox… Actually, there is a single Orthodox Church globally which is a federation of national bodies (such as the Archdiocese of Athens and All Greece, as well as the Patriarchate of Romania among 16 others), and the Church is open to everyone.

Comes, taste and see that the Lord is good, and that the Church built upon the Rock in 33 AD is still flourishing in faithfulness to its Apostolic roots and mandate.

Orthodox What?

Discover the Orthodox Church

Learn more about the Orthodox Church, the world’s oldest, second largest Christian body…

Saint Innocent?

Who is Saint Innocent of Alaska?

Discover the amazing and inspiring life of St Innocent of Alaska (1797-1879), our patron saint…


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Our Bible Study in Fortuna

Once a month, join us for a home-based Bible study in Fortuna…


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